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Special Requests

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Special Requests

Currently we live in the world of customization. Everyone wants their personal items to be customized or unique in some way. You would not think that art reproductions could be customized, but they can in many different ways, especially by our experienced artists at It’s just a matter of expressing your ideas to one of our customer service representatives and we will be happy to make your ideas a reality.

Currently we live in the world of customization. Everyone wants their personal items to be customized or unique in some way. You would not think that art reproductions could be customized, but they can in many different ways, especially by our experienced artists at It’s just a matter of expressing your ideas to one of our customer service representatives and we will be happy to make your ideas a reality.
 Some people have special requests and want to add something different to their art collection. This is a great idea, and if, after browsing through our data base you don’t find exactly what you looking for, all you have to do is contact us and we will help you find a solution. We are always willing to work with your decision or idea.  For instance, we have had customers that have asked us for a painting of Mona Lisa with iPod earphones.  This is a perfectly acceptable request and one that is easily accommodated by our artists. We can add other similar ideas to this one to any number of art reproductions.
 Any of our artists can paint any object or scene you want from any digital image you supply. If for instance, you want a painting of your home in a certain style, we can easily accomodate3 you with your request and any of our artists can handle the job.  Just visit our photo to art web page to look for ideas on what some of our artists have done with other client requests. We can create any painting from any picture you send us.
 This process is called commissioning a painting and has several artists on staff that can easy accommodate your request.  We can do this with any of the reproduction of masterworks or even with your own photograph.  You choose the subject matter to be painted, but you also make other decisions in painting process too.



What Painting Style?
You decide on the painting style and the design you want to use. In other words, you essentially choose the colors and style to be used based on the work done by one of our artists. You can look through our master piece collection to find different painting styles,which can help you determine the best style for the rendering of your photograph. You need to decide on whether you want a realist, impressionistic, modernist, abstract or expressionist painting made from your photograph. Our artists have a certain area in which they specialize. They not only specialize in a certain style, but also in painting certain objects. Some specialize in floral painting, others in figurative work, still others in portraiture, landscapes or work with animals. We will give your painting to the most qualified painter….




Happy to Help!
Once you've made these decisions, you can upload your images and talk with one of our customer service representatives, who will help guide you through the rest of the process. Expect us to ask you certain questions that pertain to the painting you want. Like whether you have certain color preferences or desire to highlight important items or certain accessories within the photograph. Use your surroundings or the person’s taste for which you are giving the art piece as a gift to best answer these important questions.

What Size?
You'll also need to determine what size you want to work to be in. Although, services offers commissioned artwork at a far better price than any artists who works alone, prices will differ depending on the size you want. Once you've upload your image, you can work with the customer service representative to determine the size and the price of the commissioned artwork.

When uploading the images to work from you will get a style window asking you to choose whether you want the portrait to be painted is to be of one or more persons. You can also choose the style you want the painting in. For instance, you can choose to have it painted in animation, pop-art, fun, comic, realist, expressionist, impressionist, etc.

If your custom painting is to be a composite of several people or images, the painter assigned to the project at will create a digital mockup of the painting you want, and send it to you via email, asking for your final approval before starting the handmade painting.


Review your needs one more time, or call our customer service representative if you feel more comfortable in talking about your needs. Make sure we have all the correct details before making your final purchase from It is also important to remember to ask about the time required for the commissioned artwork to be completed. In most cases, it's only a 3 week period. This is the time we need to make sure the oils are layered properly and dried correctly..
Most of our on staff artists really enjoy the opportunity in working with commissioned artwork. They enjoy visually expressing our client’s ideas. Because of this, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the finished product. In fact, in most cases the painting will surpass your every expectation.

The Perfect Gift
Commissioned artwork is a perfect gift for any family member.
It offers long-lasting memories
The receiver enjoys the combination of creativity between the loved one and the commissioned artist.
The receiver gets a one-of-a-kind item is no other person has


Corporate artwork
Commissioned artwork makes perfect office artwork
Clients will focus on the painting that is similar get differ from all others
Modern technology can be integrated with the old world style of the work of famous art masters

Commissioned artwork is perfect for remembering that special place or time
Paintings in houses, special people, special objects or animals will make lasting memory and heirlooms forever
The type of commissioned artwork is not only enjoyed by you, but by the entire family

Who do You Give the Gift of Custom Artwork?
Whether you want a full custom, one of a kind painting or simply want an art reproduction with slight changes, it can all be done. These can be purchased as a gift to yourself for your home or office, or for anyone else that holds a special place in your heart. guarantee that custom artwork is a gift that very few people receive, even those that have it all.
It is the ultimate gift—one that is appreciated by all, young and old alike. Parents, children, teenagers, couples, older people, work peers, family members and bosses will love the gift of custom artwork. Never think your idea is dumb or undoable, just because you haven’t seen it before. A unique idea may be just the ticket for that person whom you just don’t know what to get.

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